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The Chronicles Of Games

The birth of games, quite surprisingly, is not a very recent one. Apparently sport games have their origin in the mid 20th century. There is a lot of debate as to who is the true inventor of computer and video games. Names like William Higinbotham, Ralph Baer, and Steve Russell are the most commonly and popularly known for being pioneers in the invention of such games.

Sport Games

Higinbotham was the one who created a game to be played on an oscilloscope. With the development of science and technology these ideas were improved upon and by the 1960s they could be played in television and computers.

Basketball Games

Basketball games evolved due to the evolution that swept the world of computer games. It began as basic games of tennis of two to be played on an oscilloscope and emerged as a hi-tech game of basketball featuring two teams, with players and a virtual basketball court, exactly like a real basketball game that has real players. These games were further modified by the introduction of tournaments and challenger trophies. All this has been due to some of the pioneering works of the mid 20th century without which none of today’s games would have come into being.

Penalty Games

Penalty games came into being keeping in mind the huge popularity that soccer enjoyed over decades. These games created a virtual world of soccer in which a player could enjoy taking penalty kicks and score in a virtual situation of do-or-die. Soccer games came into being in the 1970s and their huge demands were responsible for making them more interesting with the added feature of penalty shoot-outs.

Videos of Sport Games